This Australian Renovation is Giving Off Major “Historical House Museum Outside of Milan” Vibes

If I were moving to Australia and I wanted my house to look like an Italian villa, I would probably hire YSG Studio on the basis of these images of their three-story renovation in Sydney that the studio has nicknamed Black Diamond. YSG’s Sydney-based client wanted their new home to evoke a boutique hotel, but to our mind, there’s more “historical house museum outside Milan” here, what with the glass bricks, port windows, ceiling plaster, travertine, banana bark, zellige tiles, raffia, smoked bronze glass, and limestone; that windowed staircase, with its two-toned glass bricks, is pure Borsani. Perhaps our favorite moment here is the wardrobe in the primary bedroom, whose doors are covered in an embossed vinyl and woven raffia wallpaper pattern that evokes the work of Kiva Motnyk. Other highlights include a custom, Japanese-inflected wood window screen in the kitchen, a dusky pink Tiberio stone vanity in the bathroom, a perforated front door with bronzed mirror insets, a smattering of contemporary sculptures from Saint Cloche, and several vintage pieces from Studio ALM. Photos by Anson Smart