Pippa Drummond’s “Above (Series 1)”

The Auckland-born, New York City–based photographer Pippa Drummond is Sight Unseen’s newest soon-to-be contributor, but when we were first introduced to her photography, it was the low-key but lovely portraits and coolly moody interiors that caught our eye. We had no idea at the time that she had this hiding in her portfolio. Above (Series 1) is a collaboration with prop stylist Rebecca Bartoshesky, and it reminds us a bit of Carl Kleiner’s Ikea cookbook photographs (which is interesting, considering Drummond’s other passion is food — she’s got a cookbook of own in the works, and she assisted on the Amagansett-based shoot for Gwyneth’s latest. Yes, we ARE jealous). But the organized clutter here isn’t pantry staples but rather cheapo salon items that Drummond and Bartoshesky have turned into something almost beautiful. “It’s a series we came up with when initially thinking about color and form, and about taking objects and arranging them to create something disconnected from their typical purpose,” says Drummond. “We used fake nails, fake eyelashes, sponges, and other beauty tools, then re-appropriated them so they became abstract shapes in our compositions — almost a subtle optical illusion. This is the first of an ongoing series creating geometry in the mundane.”

Stay tuned for more of Drummond’s photography here on Sight Unseen, or visit her portfolio for past work!

PippaDrummond_RebeccaB_FromAbove_02 PippaDrummond_RebeccaB_FromAbove_08 PippaDrummond_RebeccaB_FromAbove_05 PippaDrummond_RebeccaB_FromAbove_07 PippaDrummond_RebeccaB_FromAbove_04 PippaDrummond_RebeccaB_FromAbove_03 PippaDrummond_RebeccaB_FromAbove_01