Equilibrio Frágil y Simétrico by Cristian Montesinos

For his ongoing series of miniature totems, Barcelona-based graphic and furniture designer Cristian Montesinos collects and paints scraps of found wood, which he keeps on hand for the assembly and photographing of each piece. “Biking or walking in Barcelona I always find what I need,” he says. “I keep the pieces, classified by size, and use them when I need them. When I work with these woods, I feel I’m returning to them a part of the dignity that was lost when they were thrown away. When I paint them I try not to completely cover the material, as part of the idea is to show and appreciate the tangible past of the object.” The images shown here were photographed by Marijo Ribas  and modified by Montesinos in Photoshop.equilibriofragilysimetrico01_cristian montesinosequilibriofragilysimetrico02_cristian montesinosequilibriofragilysimetrico06_cristian montesinosequilibriofragilysimetrico03_cristian montesinosequilibriofragilysimetrico07_cristian montesinosequilibriofragilysimetrico04_cristian montesinosequilibriofragilysimetrico05_cristian montesinos