Rana Begum, Artist

With a studio based out of the UK, artist Rana Begum has exhibited around the globe, from New York to London to Dubai. And it seems fitting that a recent solo exhibition should take place at that latter city’s Third Line Gallery, an exhibition space catering to contemporary Islamic art. Begum’s Bangladeshi childhood informs much of her work, observing geometric repetition in traditional Islamic patterns and the way light activates the interiors of local mosques. This, combined with the conflicting forms and colors of urban society, can be seen in her most recent pieces, which mostly consist of creased sheet-metal panels, coated in bright mixtures of paint and resin, that seem to fold out from the wall. The three-dimensionality of her pieces causes light to bounce between the reflective panels and creates varying interpretations for viewers as they move about the piece. These subtle changes are what captivate viewers, ensuring each person has a completely different experience with every one of her pieces.larger 01e1cae1a054e9e79dc6802b8ff8b910_0 mpyrrqechbeaiuxp7xcue2lz5t9nladgaxiqtwnoe1e 8dc670b1-9451-493e-b994-4b79928ee056 rana-b-2 No.172 Rana_Begum_No426_2013_Paint_on_mild_steel_99x150x35_cm p5909_03