Ann Veronica Janssens, Artist

Lately it feels like whenever we’ve seen a piece at an art fair that we love, it’s turned out to be the work of one of a very small group of our favorite artists (Alicja Kwade, Thea Djordjaze, Jonas Wood, David Korty, etc) whose work seems to pops up again and again in such contexts. One of the most frequent is Ann Veronica Janssens, a British-born, Brussels-based artist whose practice is based around finding ways to visualize light and other ephemeral forces while balancing them against the more tangible qualities of architecture. Janssens has been around for awhile — she represented Britain at the 1999 Venice Biennale — but we’re particularly fond of her most recent body of work, which is more object-based than light-based. See a selection of it below.

dc491916973dbe66db182ff08f9b129f 29A731BF-9B6B-4FCC-B0B1177440BBAD70 © ph. Luciano Romano 2012 ann-veronica-janssens_cocktail-sculpture_2008_aware_women-artists_artistes-femmes-1124x1500 Ann-Veronica-Janssens_2011_Untitled-anla-glass-bar-800x600 © ph. Luciano Romano 2012 9448921_orig 35_03 35_01 Ann-Veronica-Janssens-yellowbluepink-2015-courtesy-the-artist_landscape_HI-1600x1199 22574630694_b244826c78_o christine-messineo-Disque-vert_181801839149