Doty/Glasco at CES Gallery

We had never heard of the photography husband-and-wife team of JR Doty and Joe Glasco — or the LA gallery CES — before this exhibition announcement arrived in our inbox today, but as soon as we saw the photos we were hooked. The two photographers began collaborating professionally back in 2013, and their current work draws from an archive of more than 40,000 images that were taken on a road trip across America over the last year. Doty and Glasco photographed specific locations, like Utah and California, because of their unique geological conditions. “The images represent the essence of nature with an emphasis on the phenomena of time as it affects the landscape’s topography, such as rippling water, striations of marble and the constant changing of landforms,” the press release reads.

The current exhibition at CES, called “Time Always Finds You,” showcases two different bodies of work. “The Futurelands” features images of canyons as mounted archival prints that have been hand-abraded using sandpaper and graphite powder to enhance highlights and shadows. The series “Time Always Finds You” draws from a collection of images of the ocean’s surface that look more like marbled stone. Those images are printed on silk and wrapped around handmade wooden frames. Both series are seriously stunning. We’ve excerpted some of our favorite images from the exhibition here, but we highly recommend you go see it in person if you’re the area before it closes March 7.
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