Affordable Art Prints by Alma Charry

New Affordable Art Prints by Parisian Illustrator Alma Charry

Ever since we pulled together our first styling gig late last summer, we’ve been obsessed with the most niggling aspect of the whole process, which was where we could find pretty but affordable art prints (and amazing patterned rugs, but that’s another day and another post). So we were happy to get news this week that one of our favorite illustrators — the young Parisian graphic artist Alma Charry, who we featured around this time last year — has not one but two new outlets from which to purchase her work. Charry recently launched an online shop, where the prices for her oil pastel drawings and original collages top out at 60 Euro; she was also recently added to the roster at one of our favorite up-and-coming art outlets, Uprise Art (where we’ve previously found some of our favorite works by Chad Kouri, CHIAOZZA, Lindsey Hampton, and Dana Bechert). There, Charry’s work is more muted and swirly in style, like a more affordable, dreamier version of Serena Mitnik-Miller’s snakelike paintings. Check out some of our favorite new pieces below, then click through to shop!

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