This Instagram Turns Design Trends Into Visual Compositions

When you have as many Instagram followers as we do, you get tagged on some pretty hilarious things by people who are desperate to get your attention — pictures of terrible artwork, bad spammy advertising, etc. But a few weeks back, we got a notification from an account called @magerlife that stopped us in our tracks: Run by 25-year-old Danish stylist Martin Ager, who’s been doing sales and visual merchandising for Hay for the past three years, the feed presents visual collages of objects that are related in some way, be it form, material, or motif. The reason Ager tagged us? A significant amount of his source material is pulled, regularly, from Sight Unseen, like the OS & OOS Keystone chair and Laura Bilde lamp above, and he thought we might get a kick out of seeing our own curatorial vision reflected and refined by someone else. He was absolutely right. Check out a few more compositions that feature Sight Unseen objects below, then follow @magerlife here.
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