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Lava Rock — So Hot Right Now

The Guadalajara-based studio Peca made coasters out of it. Formafantasma paired it with refined materials like brass and glass. Aleks Pollner and Adrien Rovero are obsessed with it. Now, the latest designer to be inspired by plucking basalt from the earth and fashioning it into something, well, fashionable is Laura Bilde, a furniture and interior design student from Denmark who sent us this seriously on-trend lighting series this week. Called Light Rocks, the lamps marry a volcanic rock–like substance with laser-cut acrylic, LED-lit sheets, creating a sophisticated but rough-hewn lighting source.The Danish designer showed prototypes — made from a mineral mixture of stone and clay — earlier last month at the Copenhagen design show Northmodern and is currently working with a company to create a version using real lava rock, and her lamps will soon be sold at favorite SU gallery Etage Projects. We’ve included images of the series below as well as a glimpse at the emerging designer’s other, excellent work. Scroll through for more, and then go to Bilde’s site for a look at her complete portfolio.



LauraBilde_LightRocks4 LauraBilde_LightRocks5 LauraBilde_LightRocks6 LauraBilde_LightRocks7 LauraBilde_LightRocks3 LauraBilde_ConsoleDesk Laura_TEKO_1410040284L_M_1507125564LauraBilde_Shelves