These Tiny, Affordable Nudes Put a Contemporary Spin on a Classical Genre

If you need proof that times are a-changing, consider the work of sisters Laura Naples and Kristen Giorgi — Naples lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and Giorgi in Atlanta, Georgia, but as NG Collective Studio, the pair work in a jointly cultivated abstract expressionist style, share inspiration and process images with one another via emails and text messages, and consider their output collaborative. They then sell those collaborative pieces on Uprise Art, an online gallery representing up and coming talents whose paintings you can buy on your iPhone in your pajamas.

That’s where we spotted these gestural watercolors by the sisters, which are themselves an evolution of a classic: the nude. Slightly bigger than a piece of paper, they’re basically a little side project for Giorgi, who wanted to try her hand at updating the genre. “I played around with the concept of how, using color and shape, the nude figures could relate to modern elements that we currently see in design and fashion,” she says. “In this way, something that appears of this moment has its roots in a more timeless study.” There are only two Mini Nudes currently for sale on Uprise Art ($140 each), but the gallery is expecting more soon. Meanwhile, check out an archive of our favorites below.

Mini Nude9 Mini Nude XLIII Mini Nude XLVI Mini Nude XLVII Mini Nude XVIMini Nude VI Mini Nude17 Mini Nude XXX Mini Nude XXXIX Mini Nude XXXVII Mini Nude XXXVIII Mini Nude2 Mini Nude4 Mini Nude7 Mini Nude8Mini Nude X Mini Nude10 Mini Nude11 Mini Nude12 Mini Nude13 Mini Nude14Mini Nude XIII Mini Nude15 Mini Nude16Mini Nude L Mini Nude18 Mini Nude19 Mini Nude20 Mini Nude21 Mini Nude22 Mini Nude23