Iacoli & McAllister

Iacoli & McAllister’s New Collection is a Stellar Evolution

Sometimes, the stars align and you get this: a collaboration between one of our favorite furniture studios (Iacoli & McAllister), the most inventive glass artist we know (John Hogan), and a photographer who’s quickly becoming the design world’s ace in the hole (Charlie Schuck). But in this case, those stars are literal as well as metaphorical: The collections shown here today by Iacoli & McAllister are named after specific stars in the zodiac constellations. Revati, a cagelike brass pendant that comes singly or clustered in multiples, refers to Zeta Piscium, a star on the edge of Pisces; Nunki, a furniture and lighting collection that’s based upon a series of gorgeous glass cylinders blown by Hogan, refers to Sigma Sagitarii, the second brightest star in Sagittarius. Both collections are manifestations of Iacoli & McAllister’s many inspirations, including Eastern and Western philosophy, 19th- and 20th-century literature, 20th- and 21st -century art as well “the way lines, planes, and volumes intersect space.” The collections also represents a departure in form from the studio’s typical geometric offerings. We like where this is headed.


Photo_14 Photo_08 Nunki_No6_01 Nunki_No4_01 Photo_11 Photo_05 Photo_02 Photo_12 Photo_15 Revati_9Pc_01 Photo_09 Revati_2Pc_01