From Light & Ladder, Sculptural Objects for Every Room in Your House

Brooklyn designer Farrah Sit may have left behind a career in the fashion world long ago, but the lessons from her time there still bear a mark. Her work — both for her eponymous furniture line and for her home accessories brand Light & Ladder — has always focused on creating sculptural volumes that shift and change according to the viewer’s perspective, just like a garment. Her latest homeware collection for Light & Ladder is no different — a series of sculptural planters, candleholders, vases, mugs, and trinket boxes so lovely and different they nearly transcend those categories. “The forms are a result of peeling away layers,” Sit explains. “Leaving behind the line, I started pushing and pulling volumes, making sure that there was interest from all the various views. I didn’t want you to be able to understand the form in one quick glance; I wanted the pieces to make you look twice.” Sit used natural materials such as pigmented stoneware, concrete, brass, and wood and then photographed her work in context at the apartment of stylist Catherine Gertner, whose curved wooden partitions and Italian antiques look of a piece with the collection.