This Studio’s First Collection Is Inspired By Drinking and Fast Cars

You’d think that the new graphics and furniture studio Hey, Porter were based in Monte Carlo or St. Tropez based on the descriptions they’ve given their first designs: chairs inspired by the “1st running of the 24-Hour Le Mans Automobile Race in France,” bar carts named after a “cunning craft cocktail ace from 19th-century London.” Alas, their backstory is not quite as dramatic as their influences would suggest — after Dave Flynn moved to Rochester, New York, to get his masters in furniture design, graphic designer Devry Drosky moved there as well to co-found a business with him — but we’re still intrigued. Check out the duo’s first series of projects below.
HeyPorter_CHair HeyPorter_CHair2 HeyPorter_Lamp2 HeyPorter_BarCart HeyPorter_StMonci HeyPorter_LivesStyled HeyPorter_Table HeyPorter_Table2