Inside the Home and Shop of Oslo’s Most Stylish Couple

To glimpse inside the home of the owners of the best design shop in Oslo is an exercise in great envy. (After all, the couple’s instantly recognizable style is so attuned to color we now pretty much want everything to be green and pink.) Alessandro D’Orazio and Jannicke Kråkvik — interior designers, stylists, and owners of Kollekted By, the aforementioned Norwegian design mecca — spent a year thinking about the look of their newly renovated fin-de-siècle apartment in Gamlebyen. Framed by smoky blue walls and light, washed-out pine floors, the mix of shapes and patterns, textures and materials is just the mélange you could dream of from a Italian-Scandinavian partnership. Much like the homey design of their shop, D’Orazio brings the architecture and color and Krakvik comes in with minimalism and coziness. Bask in the natural light streaming through each window below and then head over to T magazine’s website to see the original images and read the full story about the harmony of this creative couple.


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