Nationale Portland gallery

This Portland Gallery Has Shown Only Female Artists Since the Beginning of 2017

Nationale is an art gallery in Portland, Oregon that represents eight emerging artists: four male, and four female. But since the beginning of 2017, the gallery has shown three female artists in quick succession — Amy Bernstein, a painter; Francesca Capone, a textile artist; and Emily Counts, a sculptor — whose work is everything we look for in a Sight Unseen subject: colorful, multidisciplinary, and meaningful. And while gallery directors May Barruel and Gabi Lewton-Leopold swear that the suddenly gendered line-up wasn’t purposeful, it certainly feels refreshing in the current climate. “I wouldn’t say that it’s a complete coincidence, since our roster has always been quite female heavy and we do tend to work with women more,” says Barruel. “But I personally never think of gender when I program, even though as women running Nationale, we might have more of a connection with other women and definitely are going to do our part to make sure women are fairly represented.” No matter the reason, it’s worth stopping by the gallery if you’re in the area. Scroll through for a peek a some of the excellent work that’s been exhibited there this spring.

Amy Bernstein

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Emily Counts

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Francesca Capone

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