Sally Breer up-and-coming interior designer

At Home With Sally Breer, LA’s Coolest Up-and-Coming Interior Designer

For someone who spends her working hours designing the interiors for many of Hollywood’s “successful young hustlers,” Sally Breer needed her own home to provide a neutral palette and be ideal for “clean head space.” But beige and softness — aka comfort — can still be stunning for a designer like Breer, who describes herself with words like absurd, ballsy, and passionate. Her loft, located in Los Angeles’s Frogtown neighborhood, is filled from its high ceilings to its low seating with rich, ’70s-inspired materials and earth tones, all of which seem to have a tale to tell. From sourcing unique seating like a vintage gym mat found at Amsterdam Modern to customizing silk velvet curtains for a makeshift closet, it’s no wonder everything Breer touches turns to gold — chic, shimmery-disco-gold. Peek into the rest of Breer’s L.A. loft on T magazine’s website and let her magic rub off on you, too.

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