In a New Show, 3D Printed Objects So Real They Look Fake

“We always start from physical experience — whether that’s a curtain or how a textile falls. We ask ourselves: How does that look in the real world, and how can we play with it further?” That’s Copenhagen-based artist Tim Söderstrom, speaking to us last year about the process that frames his work with partner Anny Wang, with whom he’s created primarily digital, 3D illustrations and animations since they formed their creative studio in 2016. This month, the duo — who have backgrounds in architecture and furniture design — got the chance to see their work IRL when they were invited by the Stockholm-based Volvo Studio to mount an exhibition. Called “Transitional Speculation,” the show blurs the line between the digital and physical worlds even more than Wang Söderstrom’s work normally does: While their 3D illustrations often have a whiff of handicraft, here, they’ve made tangible objects — primarily printed in 3D — that seem to take on the blobby, hyper-real aesthetic a rendering would typically have. It’s disorienting, but undeniably cool. On view through February 1, 2018.


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