Four New Home Accessories To Add Texture and Color To Virtually Any Room

The Canadian duo MPGMB tipped us off to their new collection this week, and if you’re looking to upgrade your living space, consider this a one-stop shop for adding pops of color and texture to pretty much any corner of your home. The new collection includes Lola, a graphic, painted ceramics series that’s like a more geometric version of SU fave Cassie Griffin; colorful, affordable art prints by the same name; Orphism, a mirror/shelf situation inspired by Art Deco and Sonia Delauney; and Valley, a collection of super-graphic aluminum plant stands. BRB, we’re going shopping…

1711-26_MPGMB_Lola-Collection-33-web 1711-26_MPGMB_Lola-Collection-28-web 1711-26_MPGMB_Lola-Collection-19opener 1711-26_MPGMB_Lola-Collection-66-web 1711-26_MPGMB_Lola-Collection-161-web 1712-17_MPGMB_Orphism_Mirroir_2017_01 1712-17_MPGMB_Orphism_Mirroir_2017_06 1711-13 Affiches mpgmb 1711-13 Affiches mpgmb Lola_Pots_no.1_mpgmb Memphis_Green_mpgmb_Society6 Stackable_Ocean_mpgmb Stackable_Ocean_mpgmb_2 Stackable_Blue_mpgmb_Society6 Stackable_Blue_mpgmb_Society6 Stackable_Burt_Orange_mpgmb mpgmb_Valley_Plant_Stand_2017_04 mpgmb_Valley_Plant_Stand_2017_05 mpgmb_Valley_Plant_Stand_2017_06