Norwegian design brand A Part

Four Designers Just Got Together to Form a Norwegian Superbrand

Remember Temple of the Dog? The Traveling Wilburys? Cream? In music, the idea of a supergroup — in which several successful solo musicians band together to form a new group — is a familiar one. In design, it’s less so — and yet that’s exactly what four Norwegian designers have done with their new brand A Part, which launched earlier this week. A Part is the brainchild of up-and-coming, Oslo-based designers Falke Svatun and Bjørn van den Berg and interior stylists and designers Jannicke Kråkvik and Alessandro D’Orazio (two people we recently dubbed Oslo’s most stylish couple). A Part’s permanent collection launched with existing products by two of its founders — a clever ceramic vase by Svatun and a sheet metal cabinet by Van den Berg — and its limited-edition arm kicked off with a tube-legged table in pigmented concrete by Pettersen & Hein. “I think all of us have played, individually, with the idea of taking part in or becoming a producer or a brand,” explains Svatun. “But after getting to know each other through various projects and exhibitions — and really appreciating each other’s work as well as each other’s company — it felt very natural.”

It will be interesting to see where the brand will go from here. Despite the geographic tilt of its initial collection, Svatun says A Part is emphatically not a “Norwegian design brand.” “One major goal of our is creating an interesting mix of designers and artists — young and established, Norwegian and international. A brand with an organic philosophy, meaning that we are open to changes, collaborations and challenges without any set menu.”

Top image courtesy of Jotun

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