These Colorful, Hand-Crafted Rugs Honor Mexico’s Lost Traditions

We keep coming back to these playful, colorful rug designs by the brand-new Barcelona-based company Rrres, which was started by Javier Reyes, a graphic designer from the Dominican Republic. The rugs are made with artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, and are decorated with graphic, glyph-like symbols — although his more recent designs, which we’re featuring here today, incorporate abstraction and curves. Reyes’s inspiration, he explains, “comes from my experience living with and learning from the artisans in the indigenous community where we make the rugs in Oaxaca. It has to do with their past mixed with their present, represented in some cases symbolically and in other cases figuratively. I am very interested in talking about their traditions and beliefs, many of which were lost or replaced. As a Dominican, I wanted to explore these kinds of topics because the Dominican Republic also had an indigenous background that was completely lost when the Europeans arrived in the fifteenth century.” Each rug is completely customizable in terms of size and palette; keep scrolling for some of our favorites, and see the whole collection here.

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