Sarah Ellison modern rattan furniture

The Golden Girls Would Have Loved This Modern Rattan Furniture Collection

When we wrote about Australian designer Sarah Ellison’s first furniture collection earlier this year, we called it out for its overt ’70s influences — mirrored glass and travertine, among them. Ellison’s second collection, which launched this week with five pieces made exclusively in rattan, travels forward in time — all the way to 1985, to be precise, when The Golden Girls debuted on American television. Hear us out: The Golden Girls has been low-key trending in design for a while now (yup, we just wrote that), but this collection — with its rounded corners, palm frond imagery, and primarily non-woven construction — nails the South Florida, mid-’80s aesthetic to a T (a look that apparently traveled halfway around the world to Australia around the same time, according to Ellison). To update the look, Ellison employed geometric patterning and subtle brass accents; she says she was also inspired by Gabriella Crespi, the Milanese designer who died last year, leaving behind a serious vibe. Called Golden — no pun intended? — the collection is available for pre-order on Ellison’s site.

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