Josef Albers Meets Yayoi Kusama in a Series of Infinity Mirror Installations By Sarah Meyohas

How did we not know about Sarah Meyohas? The New York–based artist is our favorite kind of multidisciplinary creative — she studied finance first at Wharton and then received an MFA from Yale — and her ongoing photographic series, Speculations, which we’re featuring today, combines two of our favorite things: trompe l’oeil trickery and an explosion of beautiful botanicals. For Speculations, Meyohas placed one two-way mirror — with one side covered in black salt — facing another, wall-mounted one, and surrounded them with wisps of smoke, bouquets of strewn baby’s breath, twisted fabric and more. The resulting prints fall somewhere between Yayoi Kusama and Josef Albers. Meyohas first rose to fame by creating Bitchcoin — a cryptocurrency with an exchange rate set at one Bitchcoin to 25 square inches of a Meyohas print — and Stock Performance, for which she set up shop in the middle of New York’s 303 Gallery, traded stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, and then, in real time, drew the changes in the stock’s valuation with an oil stick on blank canvases throughout the gallery.

Pink_with_yellow_test2_flat Blue+and+pink_Laumont Infinite-Mirrored-Tunnel-Installations-by-Sarah-Meyohas-Yellowtrace-09 Blue_Smoke_web Infinite-Mirrored-Tunnel-Installations-by-Sarah-Meyohas-Yellowtrace-08 Meyohas_Speculations_02 Infinite-Mirrored-Tunnel-Installations-by-Sarah-Meyohas-Yellowtrace-05 Infinite-Mirrored-Tunnel-Installations-by-Sarah-Meyohas-Yellowtrace-02 Infinite-Mirrored-Tunnel-Installations-by-Sarah-Meyohas-Yellowtrace-07 Infinite-Mirrored-Tunnel-Installations-by-Sarah-Meyohas-Yellowtrace-11 Infinite-Mirrored-Tunnel-Installations-by-Sarah-Meyohas-Yellowtrace-03