Dims. internet furniture brand

America Needs More Accessible, Independent Furniture Brands. Dims is Here to Help.

At a panel I moderated last week at the Floyd Housewarming pop-up — and, really, at every panel that purports to be about the current state of American design — there inevitably came a point when we started to bemoan the lack of affordable, independent furniture brands in America (of which Floyd is an inspiring newcomer). Where is America’s Hem? Where is America’s Hay? That’s why we’re so pleased that we’re beginning to see more brands attempt to fill the gap. The latest is Dims., an internet-only furniture brand that’s working with an enviable roster of up-and-coming designers to create well-made goods that so far top out at $350 (though that’s likely to rise a bit when the brand launches seating in 2019). Inspired by the traditions of Shaker, Japanese, and Nordic design, the brand’s initial offering includes a small, powder-coated steel bar cart by Visibility, a Shaker-inspired ash-wood coffee table with a shallow divot by John Astbury and Kyuhyung Cho, and a combination desk and dining table by perennial SU fave MSDS Studio. Though the company is based in Los Angeles, the pieces are made in Taiwan in family-owned factories sourced by Dims. founder Eugene Kim. As of yesterday, Dims. is open for pre-orders, which will ship on a rolling basis over the next few months. Happy shopping!

7_DIMS-Caldera-Table-Black-2613 9_DIMS-Barbican-Stop-Motion-2912 3_DIMS-Rove-Stop-Motion-2853 6_DIMS-Caldera-Table-Natural-2619 1_DIMS-Wright-Stop-Motion 5_DIMS-Panel-GreybutGreen-2695 4_DIMS-Panel-Natural-2693 10_DIMS-Barbican-White-2640 2_DIMS-Barbican-Green-2646