Our 30+ Favorite Finds from Design Miami 2018

At this point, there’s no denying that the collectible design fair landscape in America — if not the world — is, shall we say, in flux. Collective Design announced earlier this month that it will postpone its 2019 edition, leaving the calendar a bit bottom-heavy with Design Miami falling just after Salon Art + Design, and FOG coming up barely a month from now. So how does a design fair set itself apart in such a constricted landscape? For Design Miami, as we’ve realized for the past few years, the way to announce itself as different from all other fairs is to, well, embrace the Miami-ness of it all — whether that means an ultra-saturated backdrop (as with Atelier Courbet this year and Demisch Danant last year), an exhibition devoted exclusively to water fountains (Sabine Marcelis x Fendi), or, as with the Chris Wolston light for The Future Perfect at top of this post (by far our favorite thing at the fair), an explosion of hyper-colorful flora and fauna. Otherwise you’re just another fair showing a bunch of old French furniture, n’est-ce pas? Here are some of our favorites from the week.

Atelier Courbet

Design Miami_Atelier Courbet Design Miami_Atelier Courbet1 Design Miami_Atelier Courbet2

Mauro Mori and Giancarlo Valle

The Future Perfect

Design Miami_The Future Perfect_Chris Wolston2 Design Miami_The Future Perfect_Chris Wolston

Chris Wolston

Design Miami_The Future Perfect_Chen and Kai2 Design Miami_The Future Perfect_Chen and Kai

Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Design Miami_The Future Perfect_Floris Wubben4 Design Miami_The Future Perfect_Floris Wubben Design Miami_The Future Perfect_Floris Wubben5

Floris Wubben

Design Miami_The Future Perfect_Reinaldo Sanguino

Reinaldo Sanguino

Calico Wallpaper x Philippe Malouin

Design Miami_Calico Wallpaper Philippe Malouin

Sabine Marcelis x Fendi

Design Miami_Fendi_Sabine Marcelis1 Design Miami_Fendi_Sabine Marcelis Design Miami_Fendi_Sabine Marcelis2 Design Miami_Fendi_Sabine Marcelis3 Design Miami_Fendi_Sabine Marcelis4 Design Miami_Fendi_Sabine Marcelis5

Ralph Pucci

Design Miami_Ralph Pucci_India Mahdavi_Cap Martin curved sofa 1 Design Miami_India Mahdavi_Sunshine low table 2

India Mahdavi_Cap Martin chair 4

India Mahdavi

Cristina Grajales

FormY-1__8.5x6.5 Form-24C Form-21 Form-4

Aaron Poritz


Sang Hoon Kim

Salon 94 Design

Design Miami_Salon 94_Max Lamb4 Design Miami_Salon 94_Max Lamb5 Design Miami_Salon 94_Max Lamb Design Miami_Salon 94_Max Lamb3 Design Miami_Salon 94_Max Lamb1 Design Miami_Salon 94_Max Lamb2

Max Lamb

Friedman Benda

Design Miami_Friedman Benda_Seduction

Najla El Zein

Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Design Miami_Carpenters Gallery_De Cotiis2 Design Miami_Carpenters Gallery_De Cotiis

Vicenzo De Cotiis

J. Lohman

Design Miami_J Lohmann

Korean Ceramics