A Brooklyn Company Remaking Housewares, One Designer Collaboration At a Time

Remaking housewares, one object at a time, is the simple but compelling concept of the newly launched direct-to-consumer, Brooklyn-based company TORTUGA Living. With designer collaborations at the forefront of its mission, the brand is creating thoughtful, modular designs with the idea that they can move from home to home, office to office, and be bought in pieces and parts. The latest collaboration is a collection of bookends by the Madrid-based studio Ciszak Dalmas. In it, the careful remixing of an angled piece of steel results in arcs and undulations reminiscent of a laguna’s bay, the dunes of the Sahara, and the peaks of the Alps, with color options corresponding to location with the likes of coral, cactus, super white, and more. Coming soon are two collaborations we couldn’t be more excited to see: Oliver Haslegrave of Home Studios and Julia Jessen of Schneid.

Dumbo Bookends Sahara Dumbo Bookends Laguna Laguna Family Sahara Family Bookend-Alpine1-small Bookend-Laguna2-Medium Bookend-sahara1-small Bookend-sahara2-medium Bookend-sahara3-large Dumbo Bookends Alpine