Casa Perfect Opens in New York, And It’s Even Better Than the Instagrams

You’d kind of have to be living under a rock not to have seen at least one of these epic images floating around social media this weekend — so much so that maybe you’re even sick of them. Yes, Casa Perfect — the shoppable interior concept from The Future Perfect — finally opened in New York City this weekend after the success of previous Los Angeles iterations, and yes, it was predictably awesome: Copacabana-like tropical lights by Chris Wolston, ethereal glass pieces by John Hogan, lush velvets by Lazzarini & Pickering, oil-finished tables by Floris Wubben, and a spectacular Chipperfield-designed wood staircase that flies up the home’s central void, all the way from the subterranean kitchen to the roof. But we’ve been around the block enough to know that this was truly a momentous, one-of-a-kind experience.

Not only is the house a welcome addition to the New York design scene, which hasn’t seen such a high-concept permanent space since perhaps the closing of Moss, but it’s also a giant leap forward for The Future Perfect, especially for those of us who remember cramming into the backyard of TFP’s first store back in Williamsburg, drinking beer out of a keg and plunking down money for things like this. In Los Angeles, according to our Instagram, Casa Perfect has become an ad hoc gathering space for the design community, hosting openings or just design-curious people who want to dip their toes in the pool and spend an afternoon snapping Instagrams and breathing that Elvis-vacated rarefied air. We can only hope that the New York version, fancy as it is, becomes the same.

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