A Himalayan Salt Chair and a Purple Ombré Space Bench Were Among Our Favorites at This Year’s In Good Company

There were many quote-unquote “winners” in this year’s In Good Company exhibition, which opened last week and was co-curated this time around by Fernando Mastrangelo and Milanese design doyenne Rossana Orlandi. There was Elyse Graham, who turned her resin scraps into a slick, patterned meta-material that was here used to form an entire Judd-inspired seat, brass inlay included. There was Ian Felton, who previewed the debut collection he’s launching this week with a curvaceous, soft-feel table finished in Tadelakt, an ancient hand-plastering technique. There was Gregory Beson, whose Scarpa-inspired seat was made entirely from bricks of pink Himalayan salt. And there was Soren Ferguson, who graduated from RISD only a year ago but who has apprenticeships with Vonnegut/Kraft, Misha Kahn, Eny Lee Parker, and more under his belt. But this year, there was an actual winner as well — someone who would be chosen by a jury of peers and offered $5000 to further their practice. On Friday it was announced that the winner was Nick Missel, a sculptor who typically creates silicone casts of giant vehicles, like Caterpillar tractors, but here applied that same technique to a cardboard pallet in order to create a foam-filled, purple ombré, giant spaceship bench. (Can you tell it was our favorite, too?) The exhibition is on view until October 11 by appointment only in Brooklyn; we highly recommend a visit to see these in person!

Nick Missel 3

Nick MisselElyse Graham_Aperture Chair

Elyse Graham

Ian Felton_Mulluu Coffee Table

Ian Felton

Soren Ferguson_Aluminum Chair 5

Soren Ferguson

Alanic McNier_Maturation

Alexis McNier

studiovoll_Fluid Bearing1


Courtesy of FMS Presents

Gregory Beson, Marco Piscitelli, Zac Hacmon

Marco Piscitelli_HomeBody Chandeliers

Marco Piscitelli

Nicholas Tilma_Purple Glow Floor Light

Nicholas Tilma

Zac Hacmon_Blaze and Serin

Zac Hacmon

Arcan_Angler Chaise Lounge


Gregory Beson_Salt Chair

Gregory Beson

Bailey Fontaine_Pampas Floor Lamp

Bailey Fontaine

Ragna Ragnarsdottir_Figure Container

Ragna Ragnarsdottir

Winston Cuevas_Simple Machine #1

Winston Cuevas

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