14 Up-and-Coming American Designers, In a Show Curated By One of Their Own

As people whose job it is to track emerging designers — particularly those on the American scene — it’s rare that we walk into a show to find incredible work by a roster of relative unknowns. And yet that’s exactly what happened when I rolled up to Fernando Mastrangelo‘s studio in deep (deep) Brooklyn last Friday night for the opening party of In Good Company: Material Culture. It’s the second exhibition Mastrangelo has curated in his space — this time alongside Architectural Digest’s senior design writer Hannah Martin. Amongst the OFFSITE alums (Brecht Gander, Harry Nuriev, Jessica Martin, Only Love Is Real), we were delighted to be introduced to work by Ian Cochran — a sculptor who has apprenticed for Nick Van Woert and Mastrangelo himself, and whose pink resin Plump table is an inaugural foray into furniture — as well as Detroit-based Cranbrook grad Aaron Blendowski, ceramicist Yuko Nishikawa, and Ryan Lauderdale, whom we previously knew only as an artist. The works are wildly varying in scale — Gander’s plaster and paper pulp cabinet towers in a corner, while Thing Thing’s petite recycled plastic stools line the entrance — but are united in their exploration of post-industrial materials and processes. On view at 134 Hinsdale Street by appointment

Top: Ian Cochran Plump Table


In Good Company2_12

Clockwise from left: Dozie Kanu Cube Table, Aaron Blendowski Blue Spill Mirror, Ian Cochran Plump TableIn Good Company2_14_Aaron Blendowski

Aaron Blendowski Blue Spill MirrorIn Good Company2_1

Clockwise from left: Only Love Is Real Spirit Megacenter, Only Love is Real Full Spectrum Megacenter,

In Good Company2_17_Brecht Gander

Brecht Gander True Belly of the Beast cabinet

In Good Company2_8

Yuko Nishikawa You See a Sheep

In Good Company2_2_Jessica Martin

Jessica Martin Orissa White table

In Good Company2_10

Dove Drury Hornbuckle Goblin stoneware

In Good Company2_5 In Good Company2_15_Ian Cochran

Ian Cochran Plump Table

In Good Company2_16_Erica Sellers

Erica Sellers Dark Matter

In Good Company2_7

Only Love Is Real Full Spectrum Megacenter

In Good Company2_3 In Good Company2_4_Thing Thing

Thing Thing Party Pieces

In Good Company2_6

Jessica Martin Orissa White

In Good Company2_9

Ariana Massouh & Juliana Polastri Untitled Journey rug

In Good Company2_13