A Spanish Architect’s Wildly Colorful Renovation, Inspired By Disco and Nightclubs

Mario Montesinos Marco is just one year out of architecture school, but this marks already the second time we’ve featured his interiors, and this one’s a doozy: For the renovation of a friend’s apartment in Valencia’s Ruzafa neighborhood, the Spanish architect designed most of the furniture and lighting according to the same principle that drove his art school thesis — “disco space.” “The theme of party culture and electronic music has had a great influence on my work, a culture deeply rooted in my city, Valencia,” Montesinos writes. “‘Disco space,’ the subject of my graduation thesis, is a space that transports the user through the creation of dreamlike and theatrical atmospheres, exceeding the limits of the physical.”

We’re not sure about its ability to transcend the physical realm, but the home is quite theatrical, organized as it is along two axes — one delineated by hyper-blue walls and another by micro-cement pavement. The furniture, made by local artisans in glass, stone, iron, and PVC, employs some of our favorite tropes, including asymmetrical table bases and balls. The palette — a mix of teals, cobalts, lilacs, and pinks — comes right up to the line of being over the top but remains grounded by the cement and other neutral surroundings. Montesinos charmingly believes that we are approaching a time when we’ll be freed from the slavery of work by technology and automation, and can therefore devote our lives to leisure and creative pursuits. “The home will become a pleasure machine, a dance floor, a studio, a bar, a place of exhibition and transformation. Disco space will exemplify this more open understanding of the world of design, not limited to the creation of everyday objects, but as an instrument to modify the user through experience.” Let’s hope he’s right.


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