Kelly Wearstler furniture collection

Kelly Wearstler Just Won 2020 With Her New Furniture Collection

LA designer Kelly Wearstler has had a big year, from the launch of her first book in 10 years to the rollout of her interiors for Proper Hotels — most notably Santa Monica, which has become a major source of Instagram fodder for its chair orgy, its iconic curved headboard, and commissions from young designers like Chris Wolston and Wentrcek/Zebulon. Today we got a peek at her new collection for 2020, and it continues in the same excellent vein — we are very into things like ribbed travertine columns, sofas upholstered in her signature, abstract, tobacco-hued fabrics, and appealingly chunky credenzas carved from white resin. (We’ll also be backdropping all photo shoots from here on out with deep blue plaster finish walls thankyouverymuch.) Enjoy a selection of our favorites below.

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