This South Korean Furniture Collection Proves Tiny Pleats are the Defining Trend of 2019

The first time I saw South Korean designer Chiho Cheon‘s lacquered cement and corrugated cardboard Criteria chairs, I joked to Monica that they were the furniture equivalent of Issey Miyake’s ready-to-wear cult-favorite Pleats Please brand. Now that I’ve seen Cheon’s extension of the line — tables and chairs in vibrant shades of red, lavender, and robin’s egg blue — I stand firmly by that assessment, especially as we’ve seen tiny plissé folds take over everything from fashion to architecture in 2019. But what’s interesting about Cheon’s pieces is that they give only the appearance of a fold. With their wobbly lines and ultra-bright colors, the pieces have a kind of cartoonishly fake look about them — almost like Sebastian Wrong and Richard Woods’s exaggerated woodgrain furniture, or like Fred Flintstones’s car. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one — which shouldn’t be hard considering we can’t stop trying to figure them out.


Criteria_20191021-detail Criteria1 Criteria2 Criteria3 Criteria6 Criteria7