Bernard Dubois and Isaac Reina Mix Leather And Sculpted Lines for Maniera

Minimalists, rejoice! (Subtly.) The Belgian architect Bernard Dubois and Spanish leather goods designer Isaac Reina have collaborated on a line of formally elegant furnishings for Brussels-based gallery Maniera. The eight-piece collection — Dubois and Reina’s second project together after the latter’s Rue Bonaparte boutique — consists of a room divider, a desk, two tables (one folding, one low), two chairs, a tablet and a lamp. Objects are made from natural and black-lacquered leather and wood “according to traditional techniques.” Reina’s expertise with skins — here used for their flexibility, warmth and softness — takes shape over Dubois’ bold, often folded geometric forms, exploring the relationship between surface and volume. Citing the work of architect Kazuo Shinohara and the artists Ellsworth Kelly and Imi Knoebel as inspirations, the work is austere yet meticulously crafted, reflecting its makers’ material ambitions and rarefied sensibilities.

Photographed by Jeroen Verrecht


MAN_dubois_jeroenverrecht_8720_SU14 MAN_dubois_jeroenverrecht_8720_SU13 MAN_dubois_jeroenverrecht_8741_SU15

MAN_dubois_jeroenverrecht_8616_SU11 MAN_dubois_jeroenverrecht_8658_SU16

MAN_dubois_jeroenverrecht_8685_SU8 MAN_dubois_jeroenverrecht_8698_SU7