We Love the Flintstones Vibe of This New Australian Furniture Collection

The number of furniture collections being launched this season has obviously been vastly reduced  (though we are busy gathering our favorites to launch later this month with Offsite Online!). So we were particularly glad to see this suite of four pieces from the brand-new Australia-based Future Collective featured on The Design Files earlier this month. Future Collective was founded by Pip Newell — who runs the popular Australian vintage site Curated Spaces — in collaboration with Sydney-based sellers James Bligh and Chelsea Wilson, and their Carved Collection epitomizes the Flintstones/cave-inspired trend we forecasted earlier this year. Comprising four pieces hand-sculpted by a local artisan — the Monolith Lamp, Cave Bedside Table, Trunk Side Table, and Bedrock Display Case — the Carved Collection harnesses the power of an aerated concrete building material called Hebel. In the collection, rougher, hammered surfaces are juxtaposed with evenly pitted textures and a smoother, almost creamy sanded finish. According to their Instagram, the pieces are starting to sell out so if you’re in the mood to spec, better act fast!

futurecollective-shopping-tdf-8-1000x1290 futurecollective-shopping-tdf-2-1000x1290 futurecollective-shopping-tdf-13-1000x1290 futurecollective-shopping-tdf-1-1000x1290 futurecollective-shopping-tdf-12-1000x1290