Virginia Sin ceramics

Remember Traveling? Virginia Sin’s New Collection Was Inspired By a Trip Last Fall to Puglia

Over the past several weeks of quarantine, we’ve known quite a few designers to get creatively stuck. But one look at the warm terracotta hues and curving lines of Virginia Sin‘s new ceramics collection, and you’ll remember what it was like to travel — in summer, no less — all over again. The collection was inspired by the Brooklyn designer’s travels in southern Italy and the Puglia region in less dire times last September: An S-shaped vase recalls the cave-like homes found along Matera’s winding roads, while an inverted-V planter takes its cues from ancient irrigation systems. Cenotes, sinkholes, limestone bedrocks, Roman iron work — both the natural and manmade beauty of the region work their way into a housewares collection that includes everything from pendant lights to toothbrush holders. Like most things, it’s on hold for now, but available for pre-order on Sin’s site.


SIN_SS2020_doline_vase_07_1 SIN_SS2020_doline_vase_03 SIN_2020_lunar_pendant_01 SIN_2020_lunar_sconce_03 SIN_SS2020_resovoir_floor_planter_sand_01 SIN_SS2020_resovoir_floor_planter_sand_05 SIN_SS2020_resovoir_table_planter_01 SIN_SS2020_rung_trivet_01 SIN_SS2020_rung_trivet_terracotta_sand_03 SIN_SS2020_rung_trivet_sand_02 SIN_SS2020_cenote_small_vase_black_01_1 SIN_SS2020_cenote_vases_white_group_04_1 SIN_SS2020_over_under_hook_rack_04tif SIN_SS2020_bath collection_group_black_01 SIN_SS2020_buoy_toothbrush_holder_white_02 SIN_SS2020_constella_candlestick_sand_10 SIN_SS2020_tunnel_hooks_group_02 SIN_SS2020_infinity_knot_03