A New Independent Design Label Launches in the South of France

The tiny town of Hyères in the South of France is only 50 square miles, but has long had an outsized presence on the contemporary design map as the home of the arts foundation Villa Noailles and its annual Design Parade festival. The festival was canceled this year due to the pandemic — more on that next week! — but two young Parisians have managed to fill in the gap with an exhibition called Été Super, which is serving as the launch of their independent design brand 13Desserts and its permanent showroom in a former Hyères skate shop. Co-curated by the fashion magazine Temple, the exhibition pairs pieces from the fledgling line, like a zig-zaggy chair by Fredrik Paulsen and a two-tier steel and stone table designed by 13Desserts co-founder Clément Rougelot, with other works by young talents that together are meant to evoke “a modern interpretation of the French Riviera.” If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the area this summer, the show is open until September 5, after which the space will revert to 13Desserts’s showroom. Otherwise, take a digital tour below.13Desserts_all1Lamp by Lea Mestres, sofa by Thomas Defour and Manon Seiler, mirror by 13Desserts, bookcase by Thomas Defour, clock by Les Crafties13Desserts_all2Vase by Superpoly, textile by Marie Schumann, sculptures by Olivier Milliagou, chair by Soft Baroque13Desserts_all3

Table by 13Desserts, textile by Marie Schumann, mirror by Marine Sartori and 13Desserts, chair by 13Desserts13Desserts + Marie SCHUMANNTable by 13Desserts, textile by Marie Schumann13Desserts_Tikis Olivier MillagouTextile by Marie Schumann, sculptures by Olivier Milliagou13Desserts_La double clique1Vases by La Double Clique13Desserts_La double cliqueVase by La Double Clique13Desserts x Fredrik PAULSEN + 13Desserts x Antoine GRULIERChair by Fredrik Paulsen and 13Desserts, sculpture by Antoine Grulier and 13Desserts13Desserts x Temple magazineMirror by Temple&Fils and 13Desserts13Desserts_bold2Vase by Bold Design13Desserts_boldVases by Bold Design13Desserts_expo Table basseTable by 13Desserts13Desserts x Dylan CASASNOVAS + Lea MESTRESLamp by Lea Mestres, chair by Dylan Casasnovas and 13Desserts13Desserts_ODD MATTERShelf by Odd Matter13Desserts_Thomas DEFOURChair by Thomas Defour13Desserts_SUPERPOLY

Vase by Superpoly