These Blocky Pastel Pieces By Studio Nucleo Will Make You Do a Double Take

When we first saw these pieces by the Turin-based collective Studio Nucleo, we thought they were miniatures. Between the pastel colors and the blocky Tetris aesthetic, we understood them, at first, to be maquettes, studies for a larger project. But after looking twice, judging them by the details of the garage they were photographed in (and, more recently, seeing the pieces with a human for scale) we realized they were the real deal — called Primitive, the pieces represent the 10th anniversary of a collection originally created in all white and now re-imagined in color for an ongoing exhibition at Nilufar Gallery in Milan. And they are, frankly, massive. That pink lamp, constructed from layers of cardboard, fiberglass, and resin, is taller than an average adult male; it reminds me of a piece from the Droog era of Dutch design. This is in part what is so charming about Studio Nucleo’s work in general — it makes you do a double take, to actually look at it from every angle trying to decipher its inspirations and how it was put together, like all good design should do.

StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_high_7 StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_low_44 StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_low_77 StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_low_02 StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_high_4 StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_high_3 StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_low_69 StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_low_83 StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_low_24 StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_low_26 StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_low_64

StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_high_57 StudioNucleo_primitive_colors_high_65