Fall is Coming. Here Are 36 Sculptural Candles to Make Working From Home a Bit Cozier.

What is happening in the candle world? It seems like only a few years ago that everyone got on board again with tapers, which were once relegated only to formal dining rooms and Victorian-era cosplay. Now, not only are tapers available in every color of the rainbow, but you can also find candles in nearly any form you can imagine, from a female torso, to waxed Italian fruit, to ropes, yin-yangs, and Romanesco broccoli — all imbued with a sophistication and color palette that lifts them beyond their mall gift-store origins.

The trend towards sculptural candles — the kind you might prefer never to light at all — probably began back in 2014, when Brooklyn designer Andrej Unam began selling his Milk Candles, their signature nubby form made from pouring wax into a 3D-printed mold; it’s also the year Grain released their Totem candles, which evolved from the Seattle-based duo’s experiments on the lathe. But while those candles were rooted in an exploration of process, the recent spate of sculptural candles seems more interested in eliciting pure delight by virtue of on-trend color combinations and heretofore unexplored patterns and forms (snake squash, anyone?) They’re also an extremely cost-effective way to add visual interest to the rooms your friends and coworkers have become quite familiar with on Zoom, and to provide a bit of cozy comfort in the months ahead. Here are 36 of our favorite recent examples.

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Carl Durkow colorful beeswax candles, $36-48 each


Carl Durkow natural beeswax candles, $40-$54 each

Loq_Common Body_Ascend

Ascend Candle by Common Body, $28

Loq_Common Body_Balance

Balance Candle by Common Body, $24


Geo Pillar Candle, $22


Rope Taper Candles by Greentree Home, $28


Atom Cube Candle, $48

IMG_2986_f91035bb-63ac-44ab-8878-1c1a0004ec59_1376x1824 IMG_2991_1376x1824 IMG_2998_38569ac8-1289-4c12-b2ac-5338c1a0c09a_1376x1824

Yin Yang Candle, $46

Piera Boechner 3

Snake Squash candle by Piera Bochner, $75

Piera Boechner 5

Romanesco Broccoli candle by Piera Bochner, $65

Piera Boechner 4

Bitter Melon Candle by Piera Bochner, $50

Sugar apple

Sugar Apple Candle by Piera Bochner, $63


Italian Fruit Candles, $18-26


Mociun_Lex Pott twist 2 Mociun_Lex Pott twist

Twist Candle by Lex Pott, $40


Areaware Totem Candle by Grain, $20

Crying Clover 1 Crying Clover 2 Crying Clover 3

Crying Clover Candles, $40-82


Hannah Female Figure Candle by Bonam Kim, $80


Rope Beeswax Taper Candles, $28

Mackenzie Childs Multi Band

Multi-Band Candles by Mackenzie Childs, $13

Hay Pillar Candle

Hay Pillar Candle, $50

540751_Candle Spiral Set of 6 green arctic blue teal 540754_Candle Twist Set of 6 caramel peach lavender

Hay Taper Candles, available in October


Fancy Taper Candles by The Floral Society, $24-38

East Fork_Haze Candles

Haze Candle Set, $42


13″ Tapers by Danica, $8 for 2


Twisted Candle by Il Buco Vita, $28-85


Pillar Candle by Black Blaze, $11.50


Blazed Wax Dante candle, $45

Blazed Wax Pillar Candle, $32

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Table for Two dinner Candles by Blazed Wax, $24


Large Pillar candle by Blazed Wax, $40


Etched Vase Candles by Esh Candle, $17


Ombré Tapered Twirl by Esh Candle, $15 for a pair


Pastel Swirl Candle by Esh Candle, $21

Slow-Burn-at-Bona-Drag-1 Slow-Burn-at-Bona-Drag-3

Hex Taper Candles by Slow Burn, $18 for a pair


Paleta and Kiwi Candles by Níle Candles, $34 for a pair

Remember Places candle by Janie Korn, custom available upon request