Alessandro Moriconi doctor's office interior

This Parisian Doctor’s Office is More Chic Than Almost Any Apartment We’ve Seen

I guess, after several weeks of looking at these photos, my question is: What does a normal doctor’s office in Paris look like?! In America, there has certainly been an upswing in recent years in the number of doctor’s offices that are less about sad plants and vinyl seating and more about blond wood and statement lighting. But this Parisian doctor’s office, designed by Paris-based creative director Alessandro Moriconi for Doctor Antoni Calmon, is next level; it’s like thinking you’ve been invited to a governmental meeting at City Hall and ending up at Versailles. The press materials describe it as “more than just a place: it’s an experience, infused with well-being, a singular space for a unique moment” — which is also a relative understatement. Moriconi — who cut his teeth working as an artistic director for luxury brands as well as a creative director for the indubitably chic studio Humbert & Poyet — conceived the space as something like a Milanese apartment, combining terrazzo, walnut paneling, and Murano glass, graphic rugs, marble tables, and accents like Greco-Roman sculptures and “woven” glass door handles. Our favorite, of course, is the abundance of tiny balls, sculptural chairs that sit atop tiny spherical feet; we also spy one of our favorite Kelly Wearstler accessories. Honestly a master class in how to make a clinical setting feel warmly domestic (and incredibly expensive).

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