Tigmi Trading’s New Byron Bay Showroom is An Italian-Inspired Oasis

For the Australian brand Tigmi Trading’s new showroom, founder Danielle McEwan chose the most nondescript building she could find — a ’90s brick behemoth in an industrial part of Byron Bay — and transformed it into an Italian Brutalism–inspired oasis. Arched windows, naturally pigmented plaster walls, and chunky, custom-made shelves and sconces by long-time collaborator Steve Clark of denHolm provide a backdrop to Tigmi’s ever-expanding collection. And it works — we primarily knew of Tigmi as a purveyor of vintage and contemporary Moroccan and Turkish rugs, but the new space makes room for Tigmi’s collection of vintage design pieces and reissues, like the Ekstrem chair and Massimo and Leila Vignelli’s iconic Metafora coffee table. It also features a new in-house line of furniture produced locally by Byron Bay artist Lex Williams — including this playful piece that resembles a blackened cat stand. Scroll through for more inspo!

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