This Designer Turned Her Quarantine Hobby Into a Full-Blown Collection of Lamps

Remember these paper pulp sculptures we posted about during quarantine last year? Austin-based Sarah Murphy’s trash-bin concoctions were full of personality and charming in their irregularities. A year on, the Texas-based jeweler has turned her papier-maché hobby into a full-blown collection of lamps, which are more refined but also more whimsical, with tiny bulbs emerging from monolithic structures and flat appendages bulging from the bases. The lamps are mostly monochromatic, with checkers and stripes thrown in for good measure, and include funny details like pullchains and finials in the same color and materials palette. Visit Murphy’s website for more info!


SarahMurphyLamps_CH_03 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_06 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_07 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_04 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_05 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_08 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_09 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_10 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_11 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_12 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_13 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_14 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_16 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_18 SarahMurphyLamps_CH_19