Our 2013 Honorees

Last week on L’Arcobaleno, Jill was asked to cover the recent rebirth of New York design, discussing the transformation with key players like Jason Miller, Lindsey Adelman, and Dave Alhadeff. “Once again there’s a scene that’s celebrated internationally,” said Alhadeff, and we couldn’t agree more — ever since we founded the Noho Design District in 2010, which is largely devoted to American talents, we have been asked countless times by global designers and journalists to share our take on all the exciting things happening on our home turf, and we’re always happy to oblige.

After a while, though, it got us thinking: Why wait for people to ask? Why not create an easy resource that we could share with everyone? And so, introducing the American Design Hot List, a totally unscientific, unapologetically subjective portfolio of the emerging and semi-emerging furniture and product designers we think you should know now. Is it comprehensive? No. Will some folks feel left out? Inevitably. But without enumerating them here, we had our reasons for every choice, whether it’s the fact that they have a big show coming up this fall/winter — Katie Stout, Misha Kahn, Snarkitecture, Jonathan Muecke — or they had a game-changing launch this year, or they just seem to be ubiquitous at the moment. Because these things (and our minds) are constantly changing, we’ll be publishing new versions of the list annually. Enjoy!

The American Design Hot List, August 2013:

Bec Brittain
Brendan Ravenhill
Chen Chen and Kai Williams
Chris Schanck
Doug Johnston
Eric Trine
Fort Standard
Fredericks & Mae
Iacoli & McAllister
Jason Rens
Jonah Takagi
Jonathan Muecke
Katie Stout
Ladies & Gentlemen Studio
Misha Kahn
New Friends
Pat Kim
Paul Loebach
Rich Brilliant Willing
Rosie Li
Tanya Aguiñiga
The Principals