Drawings Based on Sculptures Based on Drawings, by Will Bryant

Portland illustrator Will Bryant‘s latest project is a book whose subject matter is pretty meta: It’s filled with drawings that were inspired by a series of sculptures he made that were themselves based on his drawings. As he explains: “For my graduate exhibition, Saying Wavy, I created sculptures out of various materials — fabricated steel, hand-carved styrofoam, store-bought items like a duster. The objects that were produced by me or my fabricator derived from drawings in my sketchbook. After it came down, I created new arrangements of the items exploring object-based portraits, which became a triptych for Here Come the Warm Jets, a group exhibition curated by Jeanine Jablonksi. I was talking with a friend about all this new sculptural work that looked like my drawings but was 3-D, and we joked about them turning back into drawings. Totally meta, kinda silly. The drawings in this zine are a mixture of reference images from previous pieces and new arrangements created with the same objects.” We’ve posted a small excerpt from the book below, plus the object portraits that inspired the drawings — click here to purchase the book for $10 in Bryant’s online shop.

Page-1_o_900_900Page-2_o_900_900Page-6_o_900_900Page-3_o_900_900Page-9_o_900_900_MG_0065_web_900H•A•M by Will Bryant, 2013
_MG_0077_web_900Bubble Butt by Will Bryant, 2013

_MG_0068_web_900Mom’s Spaghetti (YTMND) by Will Bryant, 2013