Daniel Entonado, Illustrator

Daniel Entonado is a Madrid-based illustrator, textile designer, and graphic designer whose drawings are dense, whimsical, and often totem-like. We stumbled on his work randomly on Instagram, but apparently according to some he’s the “zine king of Madrid” — check out selections from his portfolio below, then click here to see one of his zines in action on Vimeo. DanielEntonado_17 DanielEntonado_05 DanielEntonado_06 DanielEntonado_08 DanielEntonado_07 DanielEntonado_04 DanielEntonado_10 DanielEntonado_03 DanielEntonado_11 DanielEntonado_12 DanielEntonado_13 DanielEntonado_14 DanielEntonado_16 DanielEntonado_20