Fort Standard’s Home Goods

Today, a trifecta of awesomeness: The entire home goods line from Brooklyn designers and Sight Unseen favorites Fort Standard, photographed by talented SU contributor Brian Ferry, and styled by Monica Nelson — a new name to us, but you can bet we’ve been perusing her portfolio of great work for brands like Urban Outfitters and Wilder Quarterly. Greg and Ian of Fort Standard have been majorly expanding the scope of their work lately — designing interiors for clients like Steven Alan Home and Harry’s, furniture for Matter and Roll & Hill, and, you know, creating a massive beer luge for our Bowery Hotel party last year — but it’s their growing collection of beautifully considered home goods that’s making them a household name. Pretty, minty sand-cast aluminum bowls, hanging wood-plank cutting boards, geometric stone trivets — and they’ve never looked better than they do here. See a selection of the images here, then head on over to Ferry’s site for the rest of their terrific catalog.

FtStd-BFerry-15 FtStd-BFerry-2 FtStd-BFerry-3 FtStd-BFerry-9 FtStd-BFerry-10 FtStd-BFerry-12 FtStd-BFerry-13 FtStd-BFerry-14 FtStd-BFerry-17 FtStd-BFerry-18 FtStd-BFerry-19 FtStd-BFerry-21 FtStd-BFerry-24