Yonatan Vinitsky at Rome’s Frutta Gallery

“Loose Ends,” an exhibition by Israeli artist Yonatan Vinitsky was on view at Rome’s Frutta Gallery from March until May of this year, but it will be a long time before we get these rightly amazing images out of our heads. For his solo show, the young Haifa-born, London-based artist created eight coiled-metal sculptures, which hung suspended from the ceiling, as well as eight wall-based works that represented blown-up reproductions of the kind of backseat storage pockets you find on public transportation. (To us, they kind of look like deconstructed basketball nets stretched over the rug at Portland International Airport, but that’s another story.) As the press release points out, “the grandeur of these works, their being out of scale — a powerful enlargement and cropping of everyday objects — contrasts with their normalcy,” but we’re also responding to the excellent color palette as well as the fine construction that takes these out of the realm of kitsch.

2.YonatanVinitsky_LooseEnds_Frutta_InstallationView_2015 11.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble-Orientation-Quick-Jerky-Movements-Stop-Blue.12.130.38_2015_DETAIL 1.YonatanVinitsky_LooseEnds_Frutta_InstallationView_2015 5.YonatanVinitsky_LooseEnds_Frutta_InstallationView_2015 22.YonatanVinitsky_Loose-Ends-CanaryYellow_2015 23.YonatanVinitsky_Loose-Ends-CanaryYellow_2015_DETAIL 21.YonatanVinitsky_Loose-Ends-Blue_2015 27.YonatanVinitsky_Loose-Ends-Green_2015 7.YonatanVinitsky_LooseEnds_Frutta_InstallationView_2015 8.YonatanVinitsky_LooseEnds_Frutta_InstallationView_2015 28.YonatanVinitsky_Loose-Ends-Purple_2015 31.YonatanVinitsky_Loose-Ends-Mint_2015 12.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble-Orientation-Quick-Jerky-Movements-Stop-Blue.16.165.34_2015 14.YonatanVinitsky_Ensemble-Orientation-Quick-Jerky-Movements-Stop-Green.19.195.30_2015