Lottie Hughes, Artist

London-based Lottie Hughes graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in fine art only two years ago but she’s already on our radar, thanks to an exceedingly well-kept Tumblr. “My designs were initially a way for me to come up with compositions for my paintings but the more I learned, and the more confident I became with Photoshop, these have now become the main body of my work,” says the 24-year-old designer. Hughes primarily takes inspiration from artists like Camille Walala, Atelier Bingo, Trudy Benson, and Klaus Merkel, as well as from everyday life in London. “My designs are abstract versions of what I see on a day-to-day basis — colors clashing, angles of buildings interlocking, movement and light.” To keep up with more of Hughes’ beautiful work, bookmark her Tumblr.

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