A Power-Show of Wall Hangings By Confettisystem, Mimi Jung, Clarisse Demory, and Amateurs

Les Gens Heureux, a three-year-old Copenhagen art gallery founded by Sanne Frank and Anneli Häkkinen, has two major selling points — first, its setting, in a romantic 1909 artist’s atelier with amazing moldings and skylights, and second, its knack for perfectly curated group shows. Its last two featured inspired pairings like Ana Kras’s spare drawings with the color-washed silkscreens of Côme Clérino, or the color-blocked paintings of Guy Yanai with teapots and vases by Peter Shire. And now on view, through January 15, is a roundup of textile wall hangings by some of the best names in the business — Mimi Jung, Confettisystem, Amateurs, and Clarisse Demory — that are all entirely different, yet totally complementary, connected by tiny common threads of color and composition. Feel free to swoon over the exhibition images below.


LGH.Wall Hangings.Installation View10


LGH.Wall Hangings.Installation View 7


LGH.Wall Hangings.Clarisse Demory_Le Beuys (2014)_Mixed fabric_101,5 * 106 cm.DKK 7.500

Clarisse Demory

LGH.Wall Hangings.Clarisse Demory_Le Bleu (2014)_Mixed fabric_56,5*109 cm.DKK 5.500jpg

Clarisse Demory

LGH.Wall Hangings.Confettisystem_LEFT_Textile no. 24_RIGHT_Textile no. 41_natural and synthetic fibers 81,5 * 116,8 cm


LGH.Wall Hangings..Amateurs_A Flag For Every Home 05 (2014)_Assemblies of hand dyed, bleached and natural cotton pieces_100 * 152 cm.DKK 6.500


LGH.Wall Hangings.Amateurs_A Flag For Every Home 03 (2014)_Assemblies of hand dyed, bleached and natural cotton pieces_100 * 152 cm.DKK 6.500jpg


LGH.Wall Hangings.Mimi Jung_One Yellow Shadow (2014)_Natural Fibers on Copper Rod_238,7 * 182,8 cm.DKK 51.100jpg

Mimi Jung

LGH.Wall Hangings.Mimi Jung_Small Palm 2 (2015)_Natural fibers on powder coated steel rod_121,9*82,5 cm_.DKK 21.000

Mimi Jung

LGH.Wall Hangings.Mimi Jung_Small Palm 3 (2015)_Natural fibers on powder coated steel rod_121,9* 130,8 cm.DKK 25.000

Mimi Jung

LGH.Wall Hangings.Installation View 1


LGH.Wall Hangings.Installation View 2


LGH.Wall Hangings.Installation View 3


LGH.Wall Hangings.Installation View 8