Inside Jonas Wood’s Perspective-Bending Interior World

The LA artist Jonas Wood currently has a new exhibition on view at Anton Kern Gallery; called Portraits, it depicts various loved ones — his family on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah; his wife, Shio Kusaka, with an unruly-haired dog — in Wood’s signature colorful, mise-en-abyme–happy style. (We like to think of it as Henri Rousseau, if Rousseau lived in 2016 Culver City). But our favorite Wood era remains Interiors, the 2012 catalogue that’s being re-issued this week and that we’re excerpting on the site today. In this series, as always, Wood paints that which he knows — bathrooms, guest rooms, two young children napping under a portrait of six dour spaniels. The idea of an interior being depicted by an artist is no new thing, but perhaps Wood’s slightly distorted vision has always been so appealing to us because it is so familiar — the stiffly posed family portraits, the abundance of greenery, the tropical-themed bedspreads, and is that a Cure poster? — are something anyone who was a child of the ’80s, as Wood was, remembers acutely.

16a_StudioBathroom_2009 12b_untitled(fishbathroom) 20b_EveryMorningThisIsWhatISee_2008 jonas.wood.1.14.10 0597_cropped 08a_GuestRoom_2007 jonas.wood.1.14.10 0620_cropped jonas.wood.1.14.10 0645_cropped 20insider-jonahwood-slide-QCZW-jumbo 10c_TVRoom3_2007 23_Alexis's_Room jonas.wood.1.14.10 0614_cropped jonas.wood.1.14.10 0639_cropped