A New Photographic Series Channels All Our Favorite Trends

When we first met photographer and frequent collaborator Pippa Drummond, it was via a series drawn from her personal portfolio: Using beauty-salon staples, in collaboration with a prop-stylist friend, she created photographic assemblages with a fair amount of optical trickery. (The fake nails and brushes, disassociated from their typical use, became almost random, abstract shapes.) Her latest work, made in collaboration with prop stylist Gozde Eker, employs an optical-illusion effect as well, but the Barbara Kasten-y, Light & Space aesthetic here is more sophisticated, drawn as it is from a series of high-brow influences. Drummond explains: “They are more like photographic ‘drawings’, where we’ve played with notions of architecture and constructed space, versus suggestions of space and optical illusions. It’s all done in-camera with very little retouching. We were inspired by various light artists, Albers’ writings on color, and Poemotion. (There is a subtle element of movement in there).” Your first order of business is to look up Poemotion, if you weren’t already familiar (we weren’t). Your second order of business is to scroll through and enjoy these lovely images, and see the collaborators’ online portfolios as well as for more work like this.

PippaDrummond_GozdeEker_LCS_01 PippaDrummond_GozdeEker_LCS_02 PippaDrummond_GozdeEker_LCS_03 PippaDrummond_GozdeEker_LCS_04 PippaDrummond_GozdeEker_LCS_05 PippaDrummond_GozdeEker_LCS_06 PippaDrummond_GozdeEker_LCS_07 PippaDrummond_GozdeEker_LCS_08