Ria Leigh’s Pottery Is Part Ancient, Part Avant-Garde

So much of the neo-ceramics movement over the past few years has focused on the medium’s graphic aspects — how to slab-build the most intricate geometric shapes, or how to apply the most avant-garde patterning — that it’s sometimes easy to forget just how primordial and organic a process creating pottery really is. Ria Leigh, a Seattle-based ceramicist who also works in textiles and painting, somehow makes work that easily straddles the two aesthetics. Her forms can be either femininely biomorphic or crisply stark, alternately adorned with graphic lines or ancient, mythological imagery such as serpents, or hands. Her work is highly tapped into the medium’s more mystical aspects; her recent Delphi tableware collection is the only one we’ve ever seen with an accompanying booklet that offers recipes for a bloodwash elixir with which to fill your decanter and chalice (though there’s also a cardamom coffee for your ceramic pour-over if that’s more your jam). We’ve excerpted a few of our favorite pieces here for you today, but head over to her site and shop for many, many more.

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